ODW – DevOps for SCP

This DevOps Workbench was developed initially for SCP NEO (SAP Cloud Platform-NEO). but is being extended to cover SCP CloudFoundry also.

The Problem

SAP SCP (SAP Cloud Platform) is a one stop solution providing a technology response to a business problem.  A challenge for the delivery team is the various usability intricacies which exist with the environment when supporting large scale solutions.  A familiar problem encountered across the user community is the disparity and manual effort required in the deployment process for different components, e.g. a HTML5 component vs Java Compute Unit (JCU) component.  Today’s software industry demands a more automated and risk adverse approach to such tasks allowing focus to be directed to higher value-add tasks. 

The Solution

Our team of consultants have delivered a first class tailored solution for SCP-NEO** to overcome the main paint points that our research and experience has identified.  ODW is a deployment workbench which brings true CI/CD to SCP.  It encompasses tools to assist and support the delivery team in the following themes:

Deployment Process

  • Deploy dependant components as a package (i.e. project/sprint release) or as a single component.
  • Schedule deployments – beneficial when deployment to different regions/time zones. 
  • Custom UI to show the status of the deployments.

Integration with DevOps

  • Developed as a package of API’s/UI’s this flexible tool can be easily integrated with other DevOps tools, e.g. trigger deployments as part of a DevOps pipeline. 

Supported components

The first selection of components supported has been based on which components change the most and so automation yields the most benefits

*In testing

Analysis – Tools

Currently support personnel must have an ID in each of the target tenants to be able to see such things as logs (i.e. OData Provisioning).  This means accounts have to maintained and there is no concept of a read-only role.  With our solution support personnel can view information across all tenants without the need to have an ID in each of them.  Our tool provides information on the following information through a custom UI:

  • Display OData Provisioning Errors – View Errors in the selected target tenant.  All error details are displayed including a stack trace.
  • Display Trust Group Mapping – View Trust Group Mapping in selected target tenant.
  • Display Destinations – View access to details on console level destinations in the selected target tenant.
  • HTML5 Applications – View details on HTML5 applications in thee selected target tenant.  Includes version, active status and URL.
  • User Status – Backend SAP user status if target system, including lock status etc.

**Currently this is working on SCP-NEO but development supporting SCP-CloudFoundry is in beta.